Mission Briefing:

We are building a sanctuary where our nation's protectors—military, fire, EMS, and police personnel—find solace and rejuvenation amidst nature's embrace. Our mission is simple: to honor and support the well-being of those who serve by providing a peaceful retreat for rest, recovery, and reconnection. Here, heroes gather to unwind, share stories, and strengthen bonds within a community that truly understands the weight of service. Join us in our commitment to giving back to those who've dedicated their lives to protecting ours.

Multi Purpose

At Guardian Grounds Ranch, our vision transcends beyond just a place to unwind; we are creating a comprehensive sanctuary tailored to the unique needs of our first responders and military personnel. Starting with cozy cabins nestled in serene landscapes and expansive areas for exploration and leisure, our ranch is a haven for those seeking respite from the rigors of duty.

But our mission goes deeper. As we evolve, Guardian Grounds will incorporate a spectrum of wellness and recovery services designed to address the holistic needs of our heroes.

Future Developments Include:

Nature Trails: Miles of tranquil paths through lush forests and open meadows, designed to soothe the mind and invigorate the body.

Counseling Services: Professional support for emotional and psychological well-being, offering a guiding hand through the challenges of service-related stress and trauma.

Mental Health Treatment: Comprehensive programs to address and treat mental health issues, ensuring our guests have access to the care and understanding they need.

Drug Addiction Treatment: Specialized recovery programs focused on overcoming substance abuse, providing a path towards healing and renewal.


Everyone in your organization may not align perfect with your vision, but they damn sure better be mission driven and orientated. Fluff the vision all that you wish, but leave the mission short and concise. Every board member and employee should be able to recite a mission statement off the top of their head.

From my experience in the Marine Corps:

The protection of our Nation and the advancement of its ideals.

Huge multifaceted entity, but very concise and direct mission statement. Our mission statement is strong and powerful. It is what we are GOING to do, not what we hope to, or may, do.

Our Mission:

Healing heroes through the power of nature and relationship.

Our Vision:

To create a sanctuary of solace and rejuvenation exclusively dedicated to our nation's heroes—veterans, first responders and their families.

Guardian Grounds Ranch is committed to becoming a beacon of hope and healing. Our multi-purpose approach ensures that every individual stepping onto our grounds finds a supportive community and a range of services dedicated to their well-being and recovery. Join us as we grow and continue to offer a sanctuary where our protectors can truly thrive.


Our society needs healthy and helpful service personnel and first responders for us all

to thrive and enjoy our liberties and freedom, yet where do these men and women go

when they need services. The staff and mission of Guardian Grounds Ranch are

focused on bringing healing and making a positive impact with the mental health of our

national heroes. Jason has worked tirelessly to help those around him achieve mental

wellness by bringing an amazing multifaceted successful mental health program to the

fire department and Guardian Grounds is the next level of treatment necessary to heal

these incredible heroes. At Shield Bearer, we are honored to work with this incredible

organization and its partner organization Camp Comrade to help promote mental

wellness to first responders and veterans.

Michelle Temofonte

Shield Bearers Counseling Center

Jason and Patty's mission is clear at Guardian Grounds Ranch, focused on providing mental health and wellness to our First Responders and Veterans. At Camp Comrade, we are excited to partner in this endeavor to provide retreat, camping, hunting, ATV's, and fishing for our Nation's heroes. Together and teamed with great American donors we will collaborate to conquer and provide the best services available to those in want or need. We look forward to current and future endeavors!

Wes Drake

Camp Comrade

A key component to first responder mental health is having a place of solace. A ranch that can provide that solace with like minded brothers and sisters will only help reduce the mental health crisis we are experiencing across the job. Guardian Grounds Ranch provides a branch of support the fire service has not yet seen.

Jacob Johnson


Sometimes all we need as Veterans and First Responders is a place to get away and be with our people and decompress, no better therapy than that and is why we need organizations like Guardian Grounds!

Matt Johnson

GOTUR6IX Culture

The amount of healing from one event can be life-altering for veterans and first responders. I donated because we need to give more for those that give us their all.

Andrew Brockenbush
Beefy Marketing


What People Say About Our Services

Working with Guardian Grounds was a game-changer for my business. Their innovative approach to commercial development not only exceeded my expectations but also added tremendous value to our project.

John Doe

Collaborating with Guardian Groundshas been a rewarding experience. Their dedication to pushing the boundaries of design and their emphasis on sustainability align perfectly with our architectural principles.

John Doe


How can I donate?

We have a convenient donation form here. If you're interested in an event for your donation, or making a large donation, please email
info@guardiangrounds.org to get more information.

Where does my money go?

Our board members are volunteers and 100% of your funds go toward creating the ability to provide services directly to Veterans and First Responders through our 501c3 campgrounds. We are committed to transparency and finances matter. We vow to spend all money judiciously, and only to further the mission of helping our brothers and sisters in need.

How do I get help?

If you're a Veteran or First Responder and are having suicidal thoughts, or need immediate assistance, please call 911. If you need help with your fight, we are your battle buddy. Fill out a Contact Us form now and someone will be in contact with you shortly.

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